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Welcome to Family Twist, a podcast about DNA surprises, amazing adoption stories, NPE revelations & more twists.

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The impetus of the Family Twist podcast is the ongoing journey of Kendall and Corey as they navigate life with a brand-new family. Kendall went from an orphaned only child to having six siblings and living birth parents virtually overnight. (Thanks, DNA technology!)

Kendall and Corey share their adventures (and misadventures) moving across the country to build relationships with Kendall’s newly-found family. They also interview other people with fascinating family twists – and hopefully help others maneuver their own family journeys.

The first podcast episodes dig into Kendall and Corey’s story – including how they moved their entire family 2,700 miles to be close to the new family. Get ready for some jaw-dropping, pearl-clutching twists – and don’t forget the tissues. (There are laughs, too.)

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About Kendall and Corey


Kendall’s people skills and smarts make him one of those rare human resources experts that people actually like to talk to. While HR makes up Kendall’s M-F life, one of his greatest passions and pleasures is animals. He and Corey parent 5 dogs and 2 cats. Mr. Furley (a Chihuahua-Papillon rescue) is his favorite.

Philanthropy is another of Kendall’s passions, specifically LGBTQ+ rights. He’s been active with the Human Rights Campaign and was a board member of the Rainbow Honor Walk in San Francisco.

Defying his Southern Baptist upbringing, Kendall loves to dance – and damn, he’s good! He and Corey have a shared love of drag culture and horror movies.


Corey knew from age 5 he wanted to be a writer; his professional writing career started in 1997. He’s the author of two books, the bestselling “The Union of The State,” about the famed comedy troupe, The State, and “Laugh Lines,” featuring interviews with legendary comedians.

While entertainment journalism has been the backbone of Corey’s writing career, he’s also produced content for a variety of industries on a myriad of subjects. He prides himself on his interviewing skills.

He was almost a life-long St. Louisan, but that changed when he and Kendall moved their brood to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008, and then all the way across the country to New England in 2018.

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