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The Top Five Distinguished DNA Surprise Podcasts

Updated On: May 18, 2024

The world of DNA testing can be filled with unexpected revelations, often leading to profound and life-changing discoveries. If you’re fascinated by stories of identity, family secrets, and personal journeys, then DNA surprise podcasts are a must-listen. Here are the top five DNA surprise podcasts (in no particular order) that delve into these intriguing narratives, each offering unique perspectives and heartwarming tales.

A DNA Surprises Podcast Discovery

DNA Surprises

Why this podcast? DNA Surprises is a podcast that resonates deeply with listeners who have experienced unexpected DNA discoveries. Nearly 10 percent of people who do a DNA test find out they have a DNA surprise. This podcast shares both heartwarming and heartbreaking stories, creating a space where people can explore their newfound realities.

About the podcast: Hosted by Alexis Hourselt, DNA Surprises delves into the world of unexpected DNA discoveries. Alexis herself is an NPE—a person who’s experienced a non-paternal event. Through this podcast, she shares stories of NPEs, adoptees, and donor-conceived individuals, unraveling astonishing journeys that begin with a simple DNA test. Each episode invites listeners to explore the complex emotions and experiences tied to these revelations.

Everything’s Relative with Eve Sturges

Why this podcast? Everything’s Relative with Eve Sturges offers a blend of heart and humor, guiding listeners through the landscape of DNA surprises, adoption, and NPEs. Host Eve Sturges uses her own DNA discovery experience to connect with guests and share touching stories.

About the podcast: Eve Sturges’s world was turned upside down by a single phone call revealing a DNA surprise. In her podcast, she explores the modern landscape of DNA testing, interviewing others who have had similar experiences. By addressing secrets, shame, family, and identity, Eve aims to change the conversation around these often-taboo topics, providing comfort and understanding to her audience.

NPE Stories

Why this podcast? NPE Stories focuses on the unique and often traumatic experiences of individuals who discover that their presumed parent is not their biological parent. This podcast provides a platform for NPEs to share their stories and healing journeys, offering support to others going through similar experiences.

About the podcast: Hosted by Lily Wood, NPE Stories is dedicated to sharing the narratives of those who have experienced a Not Parent Expected (NPE) event. The podcast delves into the emotional journeys of discovering one’s biological parentage, exploring the original family dynamics, the moment of discovery, and the aftermath. It’s a space for NPEs to find solace, understanding, and community through shared stories.

Who Am I Really?

Why this podcast? Who Am I Really? stands out for its honest and respectful storytelling. Host Damon L. Davis provides a platform for adoptees to share their life stories, search for birth families, and reflect on their reunion attempts. This podcast resonates with those who have personal connections to adoption and DNA surprises.

About the podcast: Damon L. Davis’s Who Am I Really? features adoptees telling their own stories of life in adoption, their search for biological families, and the outcomes of their reunions. The podcast aims to help adoptees explore their feelings about adoption and decide whether reunification is right for them. For non-adoptees, it offers insight into the minds and experiences of adopted individuals, fostering empathy and understanding.

Family Twist: A Podcast Exploring DNA Surprises and Family Secrets

Why this podcast? Family Twist delves into the intricate and often emotional world of DNA surprises within the NPE, adoption, and donor-conceived communities. Hosted by Corey and Kendall Austin Stulce, this podcast is a beacon for anyone navigating the complex landscape of familial discoveries.

About the podcast: Family Twist is dedicated to unraveling the tangled webs of family secrets and DNA surprises. Through candid interviews, the hosts explore the challenging truths faced by NPE individuals, adoptees, and donor-conceived people. This podcast not only shares stories of unexpected parentage and family secrets but also provides a support network for those affected. It’s a place for healing and understanding, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in the profound effects of DNA discoveries.


Each of these DNA surprise podcasts offers a unique perspective on the journeys of individuals who have experienced unexpected DNA revelations. Whether you’re directly impacted by these issues or simply fascinated by the stories, these podcasts provide a rich tapestry of narratives that explore identity, family secrets, and the quest for self-discovery. Dive into these podcasts to experience the profound and often emotional journeys that begin with a simple DNA test.


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