Dad Was a Rascal – Surprise, You Have an Older Sister!

Updated On: April 22, 2023

Episode 40: Dad Was a Rascal – Surprise, You Have an Older Sister!

SEASON 2 FINALE EPISODE: We’re joined by Marisa Sullivan and Carol Simpson, who recently discovered they share a biological father. Marisa always wished she had an older sister. Her father died when she was only six years old. Decades later, Marisa received an email that changed her life – and the life of her sister, Carol.

Marisa tells, “Carol and I like to laugh about how different we are. She’s retired military personnel living in rural Missouri, and I’m a health advocate and entertainment reporter in New York City. Her social media is filled with pictures of her grandchildren; on mine, you’ll find me posing with celebrities on a red carpet.

But our dad lives in both of us.

I get my love of nightlife and adventure from him. He is probably also the reason I’ve been attracted to bad boys. Carol inherited his warmth. She has this ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable. And she’s also very wise, one of those people you’d describe as an old soul. When I’m struggling with a decision, she’s one of the first people I call. Carol aways picks up on the first ring.”

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I reunited with my long-lost family after a DNA test — and found the sister I’d always wanted


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th,:ssa? How does that sound? END:arms fully extended out. END:com. That Marissa wrote. END:e's smoking a joint. Yes. END:face, our brother, Mike. END:did have an older sister? END:e do have other siblings. END:idn't make sense to tell. END:e I'm such a little brat. END:e brute, a little tomboy. END:her, pimp daddy, loafers. END:even reached out to you. END:rnalist, I had to verify. END:irst born daughter. What? END:ion to what I was saying. END:e did confirm that, yeah. END:treatment, create stress. END:ck and he's very lyrical. END:answered, hello, sister. END:She's just amazing. Wow. END:f our dad's best Friends. END:son did this dad of mine? END:ideways, like a Delorean. END:. Until she got pregnant. END:nd he didn't know either. END:so that's, I don't know. END:. I mean, it's so common. END:ore people upload or DNA. END:as just a different time. END:t have any shame, really. END:their core. That's great. END:anyone else, but myself. END:ny day could be our last. END:got all sorts of things. END:om, your mom, uncle Jack. END:r him and talk about him. END:I do have a fearlessness. END:ewhat like Tim have done. END:t doing it for curiosity? END:e O's and max and Shay's? END:just random conversation. END:as just right after that. END:this craziness took over. END:t the parental situation? END:ild, especially Catholic. END:story. And he passed away in:ld have been adopted out. END:ur mother and stepfather? END:id two somehow. You know? END:sion that said, no, wait. END:r to for her to say that. END:there's no you know whatever:pes and dreams with this? END:, there's another sister. END:tire lives start to bond? END:y just had a little baby. END:way up to North Carolina. END:ound the same age as her? END:We went to an Irish bar. END:pic. It was a lot of fun. END:o didn't know each other. END:s where you can the city. END:I? I love it, I love it. END:ther and our backgrounds. END:en growing up separately. END:is is my sister you know. END:some as well? Hell yeah. END:more of the older sister. END:rtunately I'm used to it. END:been very understanding. END:y to always teach people. END:ause we found his family. END:ll want to do that story? END:ere for you when I'm not. END:w exactly what to expect. END:rs wanted to keep secret. END:hrow caution to the wind. END:me experience that I had. END:gh in life, but you know. END:had my middle fingers up. END:lty, don't play yourself. END:ewer was like, oh my God. END:I was living through it. END:dad she thought. He was. END:even imagine all of that. END:ever for Carol, you know? END:like the baby whisperer. END:e a year, hopefully more. END:a little family reunion. END:lucky charms commercial. END:ack's like a month or so. END:Wow. That's a great trip. END:onderful of a gift it is. END:hat's going on out there. END:we did this for a reason. END:ee siblings on that side. END:d it's best to stay away. END:ere. I'm not a punk girl. END:ng overseas. So oh, same. END:hat are still unraveling. END:I'm like, okay, hold on. END:like Fauci and like all. END:by my side the whole way. END:marketing communications. END: