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Farewell to King Richard

Updated On: February 28, 2024

Corey here. Comedy has always been a passion of mine. I started watching stand-up on HBO when I only caught a handful of the jokes. Richards Lewis would be among the first I watched. I was transfixed. When I got the opportunity to interview him years later, it was a giddy joy. Sadly, the interview never surfaced. It was to preview some shows in San Francisco that Richard had to cancel, because his dear friend and fellow comic, David Brenner, was dying.

What does this have to do with Family Twist, you may ask? Well, conversing with comedians made me the interviewer I am today. And, when I think of my Dad, my first thoughts always go to comedy.

Here is my interview with Richard Lewis. Looking back, he says, “This is one of the most fun interviews I’ve had…” My eyes are welling. Rest well, King Richard.

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