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Bonus: Kendall Remembers Magical Calendar Dates

Updated On: February 29, 2024

Kendall and Corey talk about seven different significant events from Aug. 11 to Sept. 4, and why we celebrate and remember them.



Welcome back to season three of Family Twist. This is Kendall. And Cory's here too. Yeah, and you probably can see us if you're watching us online. We'll be suddenly known as the two bald guys, but anyway, I wanted to, I shot this idea to Cory and said, you know, we should do a quick podcast episode about the dates that I drive.


I'm a date fiend. Mm hmm. And dates. I am actually and and it much that I remember them throughout my life, so many same days. Um so, it's so just a small snippet of of the life but so what I thought I


we could talk about seven different significant events in my life that ironically always in my mind are celebrated or recognized between August 11th and September 4th every year. And those are super important to me and we can quickly talk about why. So August 11th. The most important. Of course, of course is Corey's birthday.


So this year we were so fortunate. Um, it was a Friday and we both took the day off and we went to one of our favorite beaches in Maine, not what? 20 miles from our house and, um, met up with my brother and his wife and my sister and her son and just had a great time eating and drinking on the beach. And Corey and my brother and nephew played in the


ocean. I think my sister Monica did some too, but Karen, Chris's wife and I just sat and talked and we just had we had a blast and it was a really great day. Totally worth the sunburn I got too. Yeah, Corey did get ridiculous amount of sunburn even with sunscreen, but and then the other thing that's interesting about August 11th is that it's also my my adoptive stepmother's birthday.


And I remember when I first met Cory and we'd mentioned when our birthdays were, I, you know, mentioned a Cory. I was like, Oh, that's my stepmother's birthday. And I remember when I told her that, uh, fact after Cory and I had been dating for a few months, she's like, I'm never going to see you on my birthday again, am I? And it was just kind of a joke, but sadly it's kind of been true. Um, this August 11th was particularly important.


for her because it was her 80th birthday. So happy birthday to my mom, Joyce, who's always been really good to me. And if you listen to other episodes of this podcast, you can hear how much I love her and what a positive influence she's been in my life. That's my dad, Ruble's second wife. Anyway, then immediately after August 11th, of course comes August 14th. So just three days later.


That's another very important date in my life because it's always been my mom, Betty, my adoptive mother's birthday. Um, for those listeners who, who know this already, um, you, you might remember that my mom, Betty died when I was 10, um, exactly a week after she turned 46 and, um, but


She'll always be my mom and I talk about her a lot on the podcast. And, um, it always means a lot to me to think about her on that day. Then ironically, when we found my biological father's family, almost, well, six years ago, not almost six years ago, we're going to edit that out.


And then ironically, when we found my biological father's family six years ago, I suddenly discovered that my half brother, Todd, also was born on August 14th. So again, Corey thinks it's interesting how I remember all these things, but you know, there've just been so many, um, same date events in my life. So the next one's the only negative, um, one of the whole list of the seven events, but


I just mentioned that exactly a week after my adoptive mom Betty's birthday, she passed away. So when August 21st comes around every year, that is, you know, it's a sad day for me. And I always, always think of her and I can't believe it when I say that this is the 43rd anniversary of her death. That makes me, it's bizarre to me to think about the fact that it's been.


that long ago. But then two days after that, on August 23rd, is a momentous day, because that's the day in 2017 when Cory and I found my biological father's family through So again, you know, lots of references to other episodes in on this podcast. You can hear about my


interesting, fun family on my dad's side. There are episodes with Chris and Monica, my half siblings here in New England. We talk about my half brother, Todd, who I just referenced a minute ago, my dad's other son. And then of course, my dad and my ex-stepmother and my dad's brother,


It's been a wonderful discovery. And Corey, you're going to say something? I was, I was just going to add in, I'm going to, um, give a little, uh, a little shame shame to my mom who just texted us last night and said, I just listened to the first episode of the podcast. Now we've been doing this for a year and a half. I just listened to the first episode of the podcast and I started crying and it's such a wonderful story. I'm like, yeah, but telling you for a long time now.


And not that she didn't know Kendall's story, but I think just to hear it in such a way. Yeah. Uh, obviously it definitely makes a lot of people emotional, but it was just like, all right, mom, really. It's what we call, um, delayed gratification is what that is for us. Yeah, exactly. Um, and then the last date that I always, um, remember every year is September 4th, because in 2017, that was labor day. And that is the day on which my brother, Chris.


called me and said, I just figured out who your biological mother is. And so on that day, I discovered my biological mother's side of my family and the fact that she has three other children and has a wonderful sister. And I have two great cousins. And just, you know, again, in that short span between


August 23rd and September 4th, I was able, you know, in a couple of weeks to find both sides of my biological family. And I know that I'm fortunate the way that that happened because now that we've been doing this, like Cory said for a year and a half, we hear many stories where it doesn't go that smoothly and definitely not that quickly and with many more bumps in the road. So I feel really fortunate that, you know,


that it evolved the way that it did and as quickly as it did because Cory will tell you I'm one of the least patient humans on the earth and if it had taken a long time I think that would have been gruesome for me. I think it would have been torturous for me and it would have caused me a lot of pain so I'm really happy that it happened the way that it happened. Absolutely yeah a lot of family twists in a short amount of time.


but that I hope that's interesting to you. It won't be as interesting to anybody but me, but I find those seven events every year to be super important to me. And it is interesting that they come so quickly right after each other or on the same dates as each other. So thanks for listening. We will talk to you again soon.

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