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Scripts and DNA: Writing a New Family Saga Part Two

Updated On: June 18, 2024

In the second part of this compelling two-part episode of Family Twist, we delve into Brian Stanton’s deeply personal and evocative journey of adoption, identity, and artistry. Born and adopted in Kansas City, Brian’s story unfolds with the discovery of his biological roots, which takes him on a tumultuous path of emotional highs and lows, culminating in the creation of his acclaimed solo play, “Blank” and film, “The Ghost Kingdom.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • Brian’s initial feelings and the complex emotions surrounding his adoption and the quest for his biological family.
  • The intricate relationship dynamics and the emotional roller coaster involved in reuniting with biological relatives.
  • The challenges Brian faced in searching for his birth parents, including dealing with the stigma and shadows of a supposed dark past.
  • How Brian’s art became a therapeutic outlet and a means to explore and express his adoption narrative and identity crisis.
  • Insights into how his reunions with his biological mother and later his biological father reshaped his understanding of himself and his art.
  • Brian’s ongoing contributions to the adoption and art communities through his storytelling and advocacy for open and honest conversations about adoption.

Episode Highlights:

[00:06:30] – Brian shares the moment he decided to search for his birth mother, leading to a complex reunion that was both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

[00:15:04] – The evolution of Brian’s relationship with his adoptive family, highlighting the nuances of love, loyalty, and identity within adoptive settings.

[00:23:17] – The profound impact of reuniting with his biological father years after connecting with his mother, challenging his preconceptions and healing old wounds.

[00:31:02] – Brian discusses the inspiration behind his plays, “Blank” and “The Ghost Kingdom,” and how they serve as a bridge between his personal experiences and broader adoption narratives.

[00:39:45] – The significance of DNA testing in Brian’s journey, opening new avenues for connection and understanding in the complex web of family ties.

[00:48:59] – Brian reflects on how his journey has influenced his work and passion for storytelling, especially in giving voice to adoptee experiences and the importance of identity exploration.

Guest Bio:

Brian Stanton (He/Him) is a critically acclaimed playwright, actor, and a poignant voice in the adoptee and arts communities. His solo play, “Blank” and film, “The Ghost Kingdom,” delve into his adoption story, exploring themes of identity, loss, and reunion. Through his art, Brian seeks to connect with others, fostering understanding and healing within the adoption community.

Brian’s work has been recognized across the United States, where he has performed his plays for a decade, earning accolades and touching hearts. Beyond his plays, Brian actively participates in conferences and workshops, sharing his journey and insights to support adoptees and their families.

Brian is also involved in initiatives to promote openness and healing in adoption narratives, advocating for the rights and voices of adoptees to be heard and respected.

Resources Mentioned:

  • “Blank” and “The Ghost Kingdom” – Brian Stanton’s play and film exploring his adoption journey.
  • DNA testing services (23andMe, – Crucial tools in Brian’s search for his biological roots.
  • Adoption conferences and workshops – Platforms where Brian shares his story and connects with the community.

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