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The Rainbow Inside Stormy: History, Genealogy and DNA Magic

Updated On: February 29, 2024

Family Twist Episode 15: The Rainbow Inside Stormy: History, Genealogy and DNA Magic

Our guest Stormy King experienced many family twists in her history decades before DNA magic became an important part of her life. Stormy spent the first eleven years of her life in foster care in 28 homes before she found a permanent one. Stormy was adopted, ran away from home as a teenager and ended up in the sex traffic industry. Stormy got out and turned her life around and dedicated herself to finding her younger brother. She did and through their reunion, Stormy discovered she had four other siblings.

Guest biography: Stormy King is a Destiny Creator, Mindset Coach, Public Speaker & Manifestor.

Connect with Stormy:

Caught in the system

My parents actually took me from New Mexico to Oregon, las a drug-addicted, premature baby and moved me to another state to keep me hidden. And within about less than a year, I came into the system through child care workers and mom’s lifestyle at that time.

Stormy’s brother

He’s four years younger than I am, and I knew about him and he came along. My mom had a habit of man to man, different relationship kind of things. And after he was born, it was, oh, I can’t handle her, because she wanted to focus her energy on my little brother and her new boyfriend at the time.

Foster roller coaster

There were times where mom would just leave me with whoever for days on end. And sometimes I would end up in foster care and sometimes I would stay with that person. And my dad at that time, as a small child, was in and out.

Running away from a permanent home

I didn’t like my adoptive parents at the time. It was all the stuff. And I didn’t even just run away from down the street like most teenagers do. I left the state like I was three states over before anybody realized it was missing and was gone for quite some time before I was reunited.

Escaping sex traffic

Some people will say it’s by the grace of God. Some people will say it was pure luck, determination, desire, knowing that there’s more and this is not where I’m supposed to be. There were many times I didn’t think I’d make it out of it. There really was there’s many times that I did not think I was going to. I didn’t know where my next meal was going to come from. I didn’t know where I was sleeping that night, or what I was going to have to do, or what was going to be done, which created its own set of trauma, its own set of PTSD, its own set of environmental things.

Finding her brother

It was really early in the morning, and I woke up to this message, hey, I think your brother is my husband. And I was like a little kid. You almost could have pictured it in a movie. I was jumping up and down on my bed going, oh, my God, I sound on my side, on my side. And then I hunt the pot because I had to give him time to deal with his own wounds of what he had gone through. And so we would talk on the phone, and it unfolded perfectly.

Finding unknown cousins

One of my girlfriends was doing some work on Ancestry DNA and she said, Give me your dad’s information. And I said, Why? She’s like, Just give me everything you got. And within minutes, she had me connected with cousins that I knew nothing about. That next thing, I mean, it was just almost like a domino went off. Within minutes, it was all of these things that were happening over and over and over. I’m on this phone call with a cousin who said, because I’m so sorry I put fed you dirt.

And there are more siblings

Lo and behold, I had a bunch of older siblings on my dad’s side that I had no idea about. Beautiful. I got to meet my sister before she passed, and that was absolutely amazing. And my older brother and then my older brother and I decided, let’s do 23 and Me.

Stormy’s mother is alive

I had to make a very hard decision not to take her on as a responsibility. She is in a state institution down here in Florida, has a lot of mental health, psychological damage and is basically indigent to the sense that she can’t hold a full on conversation. She has very they say her brain capacity is almost next to nothing.

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