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Find My Brother

Updated On: September 10, 2023

Kendall’s and Chris’ Quest for Family

In a world that often seems vast and interconnected, there are those who embark on extraordinary journeys to find their long-lost family. Kendall’s story is one that unveils the power of modern technology, the persistence of the human spirit, and the unbreakable bond of blood. Little did he know, someone else had this mission: find my brother.

A Closed Adoption: The First Dead-End

Kendall’s life was a picturesque one in California, filled with vibrant friendships and a fulfilling career. Little did he know that a seemingly casual decision would set in motion a life-altering series of events. It all began when Kendall received a 23andMe kit as a gift from his partner, Corey.

The kit, designed to unlock the secrets hidden within one’s DNA, produced fascinating results. Kendall was astounded by the accuracy of the information it revealed about his physical traits and genetic markers. 

With curiosity piqued, Kendall decided to explore further. He received an kit for his birthday, a gift that would forever change the course of his life. Unlike the 23andMe kit, offered the possibility of connecting with relatives, something Kendall was keenly interested in.

Find My Brother: A Surreal Discovery

As Kendall eagerly awaited the results of his test, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was just clever marketing, a way to keep him engaged. However, the truth proved to be far more astonishing. Instead of the expected six to eight weeks, the results arrived in just a matter of weeks.

Sitting at his desk at work, Kendall opened the email that would change everything. It congratulated him on his results and invited him to log into the site. Without hesitation, he clicked the link, confidently entering his password – a rare feat for someone accustomed to wrestling with online credentials.

The site greeted him with a list of DNA matches, organized from closest to most distant relatives. At the top of the list was a name that sent shivers down Kendall’s spine – “Christopher Clark.” The profile provided no further information, leaving Kendall in suspense.

A Leap of Faith

Kendall reached out to Chris, realizing that this could be the breakthrough he had been hoping for. He composed a message detailing the limited information he had about himself – his birth name, birth date, birth city, and even the hospital where he had been born. Kendall hoped that Chris would respond and perhaps shed light on the mysterious connection.

Minutes later, an email notification from appeared on Kendall’s screen. The subject line read, “Calling you now.” It was Chris, the man behind the enigmatic name, who had responded within moments. Kendall picked up his desk phone, and in that instant, their lives would change forever.

Chris’ words on the other end of the line left Kendall breathless: “Kendall, I think I’m your half-brother.”

A Revelation from Chris’s Perspective

Chris Clark, Kendall’s long-lost brother, joins the podcast to share his side of the story. Growing up, Chris had known of Kendall’s existence, but the truth had remained hidden for years. It was during rare moments of vulnerability from their father that Chris first heard whispers of another son.

Their father’s repeated declaration, “You’re my number one son,” had always puzzled Chris. Why emphasize his status as the only son? It wasn’t until he confronted his father about it that the shocking revelation surfaced – Chris had a brother named Scott which was Kendall’s original name at birth.

Chris learned that their father had met Kendall’s mother when he was just 14, and the relationship led to Kendall’s birth. Kendall’s mother’s family was transferred away, and contact was maintained through a few letters before fading into obscurity. All Chris knew was that Kendall had been born.

Intriguingly, Kendall had been named Scott in honor of his biological father, Scott Clark, and Chris had been given Scott as his middle name, too. The pieces of the puzzle were slowly falling into place.

A Desperate Search for Scott/Kendall

Chris’ determination to find his brother intensified over the years. He repeatedly attempted to locate Kendall, searching for any trace of Scott who was reportedly adopted by the doctor who delivered him in Arkansas.

As Chris recounted their conversations during a NASCAR trip, where he broached the topic of Kendall with their father, it became evident that finding Scott was not just a desire but a deep-rooted need to reunite with his lost sibling.

A Carefree Era and Unexpected Pregnancy

As Kendall and Chris embarked on their quest for family, they delved into the past to better understand the circumstances that led to their separation. Their father’s first serious relationship with Kendall’s mother had been marked by youthful carelessness and the tumultuous backdrop of the late 60s and early 70s.

Their father, just a teenager at the time, believed he had found true love with Kendall’s mother. However, their recklessness and inexperience soon led to an unexpected pregnancy. The details surrounding the revelation of the pregnancy remain shrouded in mystery, but it was eventually discovered on the military base where they lived.

The base commander, concerned about two teenagers having a child, summoned both of Kendall’s grandfathers. An ultimatum was delivered – one set of Kendall’s grandparents had to leave the base. The decision was made to transfer Kendall’s mother’s family to Arkansas, effectively separating the young lovers.

Love, Regret, and a Wedge

Scott had passionately wanted to marry Kendall’s mother and raise Kendall in their grandparents’ home. He tried to persuade his parents to accept this arrangement, but they firmly rejected the idea. This refusal created a significant rift between Kendall’s paternal grandmother and Scott, leaving emotional scars that would persist over the years.

Kendall’s adoption added another layer to the complex tapestry of their family’s history. By the time Kendall turned 18, both of his adoptive parents had passed away, relieving him of the burden of potentially hurting their feelings by seeking out his biological family.

A Fruitless Search for Clues

Kendall, armed with limited information from his adoption papers, made attempts to find his biological family. He sought the help of the attorney who handled his adoption, a friend of the family who had become a judge. However, the attorney couldn’t provide any additional details, leaving Kendall with more questions than answers.

His adoption papers contained only one name – that of a State of Arkansas employee named Ivan Smith, listed as his guardian. Ivan Smith’s death record was the only trace Kendall found, and it seemed like a dead end.

Kendall’s hope of reconnecting with his biological family was mixed with emotions. Discovering that the decision to give him up for adoption was a logical one, made out of concern for his well-being, provided some comfort. Yet, it also stirred a sense of anger, questioning why his grandparents hadn’t considered raising him themselves.

Chris’ Ancestry Journey

In parallel to Kendall’s quest, Chris embarked on his own ancestry journey driven by curiosity about his family’s heritage. He hoped to uncover the truth behind the family story that they were related to Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

While Chris initially saw his test as a way to explore his heritage, fate had other plans in store. He soon discovered that his closest DNA match was Kendall, setting in motion the incredible chain of events that would reunite the long-lost brothers.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

Both Kendall’s and Chris’ Ancestry journeys were marked by twists and turns they could never have anticipated. Kendall’s early skepticism about finding family members quickly turned to astonishment as Christopher’s name emerged as his closest DNA match.

Overwhelming Emotions

After their emotional phone call, Kendall retreated to the rooftop deck of his office building, where he was overcome with a flood of emotions. The weight of the revelation, the joy of finding his long-lost brother, and the realization that their father was alive brought tears to his eyes. Kendall’s colleagues were taken aback by his emotional state when he returned to the office.

He shared the heartwarming news with his colleagues, and their genuine reactions filled the room with tears of joy. The news quickly spread to their family members, creating a wave of astonishment and excitement.

From Phone Call to Physical Reunion

Kendall’s and Chris’ first conversation was a catalyst for their budding relationship. While they recognized the physical distance between them and the demands of their respective lives, the desire to connect and learn about each other was unwavering.

Kendall and Corey decided to make the journey to meet Chris and his family in person. The physical presence and connection were essential to solidify their newfound bond. Their visit was filled with heartwarming moments, including Chris’ children eagerly welcoming their new uncles at the airport with signs and messages of love.

Choosing a New Beginning

Kendall and Corey made a significant decision to move from the San Francisco Bay Area to New England to be closer to Kendall’s biological father’s family. Corey’s willingness to make such a move demonstrated the depth of their commitment to building a connection with Kendall’s newfound family.

Despite their busy lives and the challenges that came with the move, Kendall and Corey embarked on this adventure with open hearts, eager to create lasting memories and bonds with their extended family.

Mixed Emotions and Concerns

Chris’ initial concern was that their newfound connection might not meet Kendall’s expectations due to his and his wife’s busy schedules. He was anxious about potentially disappointing Kendall by not being able to spend as much time together as he had hoped.

Kendall reassured Chris that the move was their choice, and they had already experienced relocating to different places. Their easygoing nature and adaptability made the transition smoother, as they understood the demands of life and the importance of making the most of their time together.

Looking Ahead

In the next episode of their podcast, Kendall and Corey delve into Chris’ detective work to uncover more about Kendall’s birth mother and the possibility of more siblings. Their journey to reconnect and learn about their family’s past continues to evolve, bringing new revelations and emotions.

The remarkable journey of Kendall and Chris is a testament to the enduring power of family bonds, the courage to explore the unknown, and the unconditional love that transcends time and distance.

Stay tuned for more of their inspiring story in future episodes of the Family Twist podcast.


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