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From Corporate America to Herbal Healing

Updated On: May 14, 2024

In this special 100th episode, we dive deep into the life of Monica Hall, a remarkable woman who transitioned from the corporate world to embracing her indigenous roots and becoming an entrepreneur. Monica’s journey is a testament to resilience, healing, and the power of self-discovery.

Leaving Corporate America and Discovering Indigenous Roots

Monica Hall’s story begins with a significant career shift. After years in corporate America, Monica felt a calling to reconnect with her indigenous roots. This journey of self-discovery led her to leave the corporate grind and start her own soap company. The transition was not just a career change but a transformative personal journey.

Selling Peppermint Soap to the Gay Community

One of the most amusing and successful chapters in Monica’s entrepreneurial journey involves her peppermint soap. Monica recounts how this product became a hit within the gay community in San Francisco. “They love that soap. It makes men’s balls tingle,” she shares with a laugh. The unexpected success of her product underscores the importance of understanding and connecting with your audience.

Maintaining a High Vibration: Monica’s Spiritual Practices

Monica emphasizes the significance of maintaining a high vibration through spiritual practices. Her daily rituals and connection to her indigenous spirituality have been crucial in her personal and professional life. These practices help her stay grounded, focused, and resilient amidst challenges.

Navigating Toxic Family Dynamics

Family dynamics play a critical role in Monica’s story. She opens up about distancing herself from toxic family members and the realization that she had been enabling their behavior. Monica’s reflections on her childhood and family relationships reveal the profound impact these dynamics have on self-worth and personal growth.

The Challenges of Writing a Memoir

Monica’s journey also includes the challenging process of writing her memoir. Condensing her complex life story into a book required her to confront painful memories and find a way to articulate her experiences authentically. The memoir serves as a testament to her resilience and the healing power of storytelling.

Monica Hall Reconnecting with Biological Family

Monica shares her emotional journey of reconnecting with her biological daughter. This reunion brought both joy and complexity, highlighting the intricate nature of adoption and family relationships. Monica’s story underscores the importance of understanding one’s heritage and the impact of adoption on individuals and families.

Embracing Indigenous Identity

Exploring and embracing her indigenous identity has been a powerful aspect of Monica’s journey. She delves into the complexities of being an indigenous person and the profound sense of belonging and identity it has brought her. This exploration has been integral to her personal growth and entrepreneurial success.

Resilience and Healing

Monica’s story is ultimately one of resilience and healing. Despite a challenging childhood and tumultuous relationships, she has emerged stronger and more self-aware. Her journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship, combined with her spiritual practices and reconnection with her roots, exemplifies the strength of the human spirit.

Closing Thoughts

Monica Hall’s journey offers valuable insights into the power of embracing one’s past and heritage to shape a better future. Her experiences remind us that resilience, healing, and self-discovery are possible even in the face of difficult circumstances.

We hope this episode of Family Twist has inspired you to pursue your own path with courage and determination. Remember, our stories are the threads that connect us — each one unique, each one valuable.

Until next time, keep weaving your own extraordinary story. And don’t forget, family secrets are the ultimate plot twist.


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