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Our podcast guests are amazing

Updated On: April 30, 2023

Our podcast guests are amazing.  The frank, important discussions we have with our guests continually impress Corey and me.   We enjoy the episodes even when they bring out extreme emotions for me.  I know that I’m a sensitive person, but the effects of other people’s found-family stories touch me in a way I originally didn’t expect.  Now, I anticipate my tears during every podcast episode.  

We’re really looking forward to reconnecting with some of the guests whom we’ve already featured on episodes.  We really are curious about what’s happened since we first spoke to our guests.    

We’d still love to have some friends on the podcast–friends who knew me and my adoptive parents, the Austins.   

We’re also really happy to be developing a design for a gift we can share with our guests as a way to say, “Thank you,” for allowing us to share their stories.    


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