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Adoptee’s Multiple DNA Surprises

Updated On: September 6, 2023

Season: 3 | Episode: 50

Our guest, Dayna Foster, had quite the DNA surprise. Dayna and her sister were both adopted, and they knew that. It was a closed adoption, but was opened when Ohio changed a law around adoptees’ information. Dayna did a DNA test with 23 & Me, and discovered she had four half-siblings, and she quickly connected with a half-brother, Michael. The test results said she was 1% African, and she found a second cousin who is African-American. In Florida, where Dayna lives, the Department of Education has rejected an Advanced Placement course covering African American studies. “African-American history is the history of everyone who lives in this country,” Dayna told us. Dayna continues to search for information about her birth mother and extended family..

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