Adoption Secrets, Nature Versus Nurture and the Magic of DNA

Updated On: September 6, 2023

Season: 2 | Episode: 21

Our guest, Ann Hince, has a remarkable adoption and DNA magic tale. Ann was conceived in New Zealand to British parents, and given up for adoption to British parents back in England. By the time she was 16, she lived in Barbados, Sierra Leone (West Africa), Hong Kong (Asia) and Bahrain (Middle East). Her birth mother, who lives in New Zealand, kept up with Ann’s whereabouts after accidentally seeing Ann’s adoption paperwork. Ann met her when she was 17, and her adoptive mother died when she was 19 (both her adoptive parents were alcoholics). It took a lot of tenacity for Ann to discover her birth father’s family, and it’s a wild story. Undoing the trauma of her childhood has led to a unique place of growth for Ann.

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