Better Late Than Never; Finding Family in Italy

Updated On: September 6, 2023

Season: 3 | Episode: 56

Bob Sorrentino is the adoptive father of two, and the host of the podcast, Italian Genealogy With Bob Sorrentino. Bob always knew his four grandparents all came from Italy, but after a DNA test, he found family he didn’t know existed in the country. “Better late than never,” is an Italian phrase that sums up Bob’s journey. The stories he heard from his new family are too wild to be coincidences.

“The most amazing part of the meeting was a photo of my parents’ wedding with my grandmother’s handwriting in Italian on the back. Blows you away,” Bob said.

Guest bio: Robert Sorrentino is a retired bank executive that has now devoted his life to Italian roots and genealogy. Robert has a blog, podcast and YouTube channel.

Bob’s book, “Farmers and Nobles: The Genealogy History of Two Italian American Families”

Bob’s podcast, Italian Genealogy With Bob Sorrentino

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