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Narcissism, Racism … and a Cult, Part 1

Updated On: September 6, 2023

Season: 1 | Episode: 8

Michelle McIntosh slowly began to realize that she and her two sisters were being raised by a father as status symbol objects rather than as just children. Narcissism and racism played a part in her childhood, though not completely evident at the time. Michelle’s father made it known anything other than excellence would not be accepted. Michelle’s father was a local celebrity, mega popular in their Indiana community. But once she started to learn about his immoral and illegal behind-the-scenes actions, her family was in for the first of many twists.

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Kendall’s long lost family begins to emerge in Episode 2. For decades, Kendall’s brother, Chris searched for him, but with few leads as Kendall’s was a closed adoption. Ancestry DNA kits brought them together on August 23, 2017. In this episode, Chris and Kendall tearfully recall their first conversation, and the wild decision to up and move from California to New England.

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