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NPE: Healing from Family Trauma and Finding Identity

Updated On: January 30, 2024

Season: 3 | Episode: 52

We’re sharing an NPE (non parental event, not parent expected) story with guest Robin Schepper, author of Finding My Way: A Memoir of Family, Identity, and Political Ambition. In our wide-ranging conversation, Kendall and Corey ask Robin about the discovery of her birth father, her grandmother’s brothel, her time working with Michelle Obama and how she healed from family trauma.

Guest bio

For more than thirty years, Robin Schepper served at the highest levels of American politics and government. She worked on four presidential campaigns and in the Clinton White House, was staff director for the Senate Democratic Technology and Communications Committee under Senator Tom Daschle and served in the Obama White House as the first executive director of Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative, Let’s Move! She has advised numerous numerous non-profits and helped draft policy reports for the Bipartisan Policy Center. Robin lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with my husband, kids and rescue dogs.

Robin Schepper’s website

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