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NPE Held Prisoner By Parental Secrets

Updated On: February 26, 2024

Season: 4 | Episode: 76

Today, we delve into the remarkable tale of Brad Ewell, a dedicated police officer whose life takes an unexpected turn following a DNA test. This episode uncovers how Brad’s quest to understand his heritage leads to the startling discovery that his biological father is not just a stranger, but a man serving life in prison. Brace yourself for a journey filled with profound revelations about identity, the complexities of family bonds, and the resilience required to face them. Brad’s story is not just about uncovering hidden truths; it’s a testament to the power of acceptance and the surprising ways our lives can intertwine with the law and lineage. Join us as we explore this incredible intersection of policing, paternity and personal discovery.

Episode Highlights:

Episode Highlights

  1. The Moment of Discovery: Brad shares the shocking moment he learned of his adoption through a DNA test, painting a vivid picture of his initial disbelief and the ensuing emotional turmoil.
  2. Connecting with Biological Family: He recounts his experiences of connecting with his biological father, who had been in prison for most of Brad’s life, and their unexpected bond.
  3. Reunions and Realizations: Brad’s story of meeting his biological siblings for the first time offers a heartwarming insight into the complexities of newfound family relationships.
  4. Navigating Personal and Family Identity: Brad discusses the challenges and revelations of integrating his newfound identity with his life as a police officer and a family man.
  5. Advocacy and Legal Battles: His involvement in changing legislation for prisoners in Louisiana, specifically for those like his biological father, is both inspiring and enlightening.
  6. The Role of Support Systems: Brad emphasizes the importance of support from loved ones and professional help in navigating his journey.
  7. Reflections and Moving Forward: He shares his reflections on identity, family, and the unpredictability of life, offering wisdom and insights gleaned from his unique experiences.

Guest Bio

Brad Ewell is a police officer in the Dallas, Texas area. He is married and has three children. For the first 48 years of his life, Brad believed he was raised by his biological family. That changed in 2019 when someone he matched from an Ancestry DNA test contacted him. In less than 24 hours Brad became a Late Discovery Adoptee with a MPE. Since that time he is in reunion with several biological family members including his biological father and four siblings. He is passionate about the right of every person to know their true genetic identity. While he knows his biological history, he still has to go to court if he wants to have his records unsealed. Brad has written essays and an article for Severance Magazine and is currently working on other essays and a memoir. You can find him on Instagram.

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In today’s episode, we witnessed an extraordinary narrative of discovery, resilience, and the intricate web of family ties. Brad’s story is more than just a tale of finding truth; it’s a profound exploration of identity, the unexpected bonds of kinship, and the strength it takes to embrace them. His journey challenges us to think about our own roots and the surprising paths they may lead us on. If Brad’s remarkable story has touched you or sparked curiosity about your own family history, we’d love to hear from you. Please rate, follow and leave a review for Family Twist, sharing your thoughts and reflections. Your engagement fuels our passion for uncovering more stories that connect us all. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Join us next time for another episode of Family Twist, where we unravel more hidden threads of our shared human tapestry.

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