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NPE: Documentary is Filling in the Blanks

Updated On: February 1, 2024

Season: 3 | Episode: 55

Our guest, Jon Baime, is the writer, producer and director of the documentary, “Filling in the Blanks.” After taking a DNA test five years ago, Jon Baime discovered he and his two brothers were the result of donor conception. To process the revelation, Jon Baime decided to make a film, which includes his story, his brothers’ stories and several other stories from NPEs (non-paternity event), who turn out to be Jon Baime’s half siblings.

Jon Baime Asks Where Do I Come From?

“Filling in the Blanks” description: Where do I come from? For some, the question has a simple answer – for others, the truth can be much more complicated. With the rise in popularity of at-home DNA tests, it’s now easier than ever for people to uncover their family history and, sometimes, things their parents wish would stay buried. Interested in learning more about his family heritage, director Jon Baime took an at-home DNA test and uncovered a family secret that has been hidden for half a century. Featuring in-depth interviews with Jon Baime’s siblings as well as a treasure trove of family photos and films spanning 70 years, “Filling in the Blanks” takes audiences on a journey as Jon Baime explores the meaning behind his discovery and expands on what it means to be family.

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