DNA Investigator with a 100 Percent Success Rate Shayna Landry

Updated On: September 6, 2023

Season: 2 | Episode: 33

Our guest this episode is Shayna Landry, a forensic genealogist and private investigator a.k.a. DNA detective. You may have seen Shayna on Netflix’s docuseries, “I Just Killed My Dad,” where she used her DNA expertise to assist the investigation. Shayna shares her experience finding her birth father via DNA, and how she uses that discovery to help others on their adoption/found family journeys.

“Every time I’m able to give someone their answers, it cures a little piece of my broken heart,” Shayna said. “I cry with my clients; I laugh with my clients. Most times, we walk away with a friendship. Everyone is on an island and friends and family don’t understand.

Shayna Landry bio

Shayna Landry has solved hundreds of DNA mysteries over the years using the expertise in Genetic Genealogy and Investigation that she acquired while digging deeper into her own DNA to find her biological father. Shayna has assisted in the following using Professional Facial Recognition Software:

  • Helped Desperate Family Members Identify Internet Scams (Catfish) Cases
  • Assisted Law Enforcement Agencies identify Criminals
  • Identified People listed in NAMUS as Unidentified
  • Identified Victims of Current & Ongoing Crimes

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