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Unveiling the Mystery: Triplets Separated at Birth – A Journey of Nature vs. Nurture

Updated On: September 25, 2023

Season: 2 | Episode: 58

“If Rikki is going to lose her Dad, at least she should gain her sisters.”

This trio, Kenny, Rikki, and Jules, weren’t just randomly thrown together to host a podcast. Nope. They share a unique bond that sounds straight out of a movie. Spoiler alert: they’re triplets! And not just your regular sort of triplets. They were separated at birth. Crazy, right?

Here are some discussion highlights from the triplets separated at birth episode:

  • The chances of having multiples through insemination are low, but it happened in the case of these triplets separated at birth.
  • Kenny reveals how their mother decided who to keep based on the babies’ movements in the womb – a unique part of their story.  And shares how their birth mother selected the adoptive parents, ultimately choosing a couple who had been trying to adopt for seven years.  
  • The sisters met and began to understand their biological bond while navigating new relationships. They explore the complex nature versus nurture debate through their personal experiences.  
  • They conclude by reminding listeners that family isn’t always about blood, but about support and care.

Guest bios from Luke Who is Your Father website:

Jules is Baby A of the triplets separated at birth, 32 years old, the hellraiser, “act first, ask questions later” problem child of the trio. She’s quick to crack a joke or challenge you to a competition. She is seasoned in sales and has found a home in the Med-Tech industry. She lives with her equally mischievous partner and their four cats in Southeast Austin. You can find her doom-scrolling TikTok, creating mixed-media art projects, or scouring the city for the best seafood platter- all of which is a lot more mild-mannered than what she used to get up to.

Kenny is Baby B of the triplets separated at birth 32 years old, the mediator, peacemaker, Oreo center of the trio. She’s a little more reserved, but blunt and sarcastic with a bit of a dry sense of humor. She is the Senior Graphic Designer for the Cyber Intelligence Team of a world renowned cyber security company where she has worked for about a year and a half. Kenny lives with her boyfriend and partner-in-crime along with two rescue pups in their home in South Austin. You can find Kenny frequenting the local dives, poorly playing pool, catching up on the massive quantities of content on streaming services, or searching out any body of water within 100 miles.

Rikki is Baby C of the triplets separated at birth 32 years old and a true Cancer— bold and brazen on the outside, soft and emo on the inside. She is Head of Sales at Scribe Media (our pod producer) and has been with the company for four years. Rikki shares her home in Austin with two dogs, a cat, and her boyfriend, Collin. Collin is the caretaker of the home, and Rikki is the curator. She is always on the lookout for anything that can make her house look more like a dreamy 70s bungalow. In her free time, Rikki enjoys reading (mostly horror), watching movies (mostly horror), rowing on Town Lake, and eating at all of Austin’s best new restaurants.

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