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Updated On: February 29, 2024

Family Twist Podcast Trailer

The impetus of the Family Twist podcast is the ongoing journey of Kendall and Corey as they navigate life with a brand-new family. Kendall went from an orphaned only child to having six siblings and living birth parents virtually overnight. (Thanks, DNA technology!) Listen to the trailer!

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Welcome to the Family Twist Podcast, a journey decades in the making and counting. I'm Kendall. And I'm Corey. In the Family Twist Podcast, we delve into adoption, family secrets, and discovering long lost family.


Kendall went from an only child to the oldest of seven, virtually overnight. Join us each week to learn about our mistakes, our challenges, joys, and adventures. We also share other people's stories and family twists. These might include other found families like mine or even wilder family twists. Whenever we tell someone the quick version of Kendall's journey, we always get a big emotional reaction and sometimes a physical reaction to people often say, "'You just gave me goosebumps.'"


me from the San Francisco Bay area across the U.S. 3,112 miles to New England. People are shocked when they find out why we moved and how quickly we did it. Each episode of this podcast delves into family history and sometimes family drama.


Each week we'll share another chapter from our story or one of yours. Get ready for some unbelievable twists and don't forget the tissues. Join us each week as we share heartfelt, surprising, maddening, hilarious and jaw-dropping stories about family twists.

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